6. October 2020

Corporate management requires the assumption of responsibility. Responsibility for sustainable business development, but also responsibility towards customers, society and the environment. To meet this obligation, many companies want to integrate their products into automated and service-based business models. In this way, evidence of sustainable production conditions can be provided along the supply chain, while at the same time dynamic partner networks can be used efficiently for business success. However, in order to completely digitize these processes, there is often a lack of in-depth data collection: supplier reporting is of a purely qualitative nature. In addition, partner management and onboarding require many manual steps in which efficiency falls by the wayside.

TRUST&TRACE solves these problems by taking supplier relationships into the digital world and thus enabling transparent data exchange along multi-level supply chains. Using TRUST&TRACE, important data along the supply chain can be made digitally available on the product so that proof of origin, quality and production conformity can be provided. On this basis, managers and executives can make the right decisions for their company using relevant and data-based KPIs in supplier management. More efficient business partner management reduces effort and costs, while verifiable data on compliance with quality, environmental and social standards strengthens the company’s own brand. With TRUST&TRACE, companies also protect their data sovereignty: Thanks to a decentralized infrastructure for data storage and exchange, companies remain independent of digital platform monopolies.

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TRUST&TRACE offers the following services for managers and executives:

Business Connect

  • Keep supplier and customer master data up-to-date: Business Connect provides the basis for fast, transparent and secure data exchange with your business partners. All cooperation partners have access to up-to-date company data, such as master data, quality and environmental certificates or company documents. Thus, administrative processes of supplier management are significantly accelerated.

Compliance Management

  • Share social, environmental, and quality compliance information with your business partners and keep track of certificates and credentials throughout your supply chain. In the self-disclosure section, each company can maintain compliance information independently. Companies and products are reviewed by auditors to increase confidence in the compliance information. Linking information from all suppliers makes compliance in supply chains verifiable – and thus creates trust among your customers.

Product Tracing

  • Keep track of origin and relevant data for each product throughout its entire life cycle. With TRUST&TRACE Product Tracing, product-related data from multiple business partners can be documented in a manipulation-proof and trustworthy manner. This way you meet compliance requirements and quality standards while reducing service costs at the same time.

Business Identity

  • Maintain maximum control over your company master data: With Business Identity, your company’s data is securely stored and can be shared with business partners in a trusted manner. Only you have full access to your company data and can define with whom it is shared. 
Milan Schlegel
PR Manager and Content Creator | [email protected] | +49 176 47161036