for sustainable digital business

With TRUST&TRACE you can digitize the supplier collaboration across all tiers to accelerate business and make the provenance of products traceable and transparent.

WHY Companies choose TRUST&TRACE

Procurement / Purchasing

Simplify your supplier management and reduce costs with trusted supplier data visibility across all tiers of the supply chain.


Sustainability / Compliance

Reduce risk through trusted compliance and quality visibility across all tiers of the supply chain.


Marketing / Sales

Improve your customer retention through trusted product provenance and quality visibility across all tiers of the supply chain.


Digital Leadership

Responsibility for sustainable business development, but also responsibility towards customers, society and the environment are more important than ever.


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Our values

TRUST&TRACE philosophy

Verify your product origin

For customers it is just a product. But companies see many components provided by many suppliers that are used during the production process. Today, increasing regulatory concerns and corporate commitments to sustainability, the requirement to prove and manage the provenance of products, is a big challenge.

The effort required to capture and manage product-related data in multi-tier supply chains is enormous. However, conventional systems and approaches are not sufficiently designed to ensure the necessary level of transparency across all partners involved. 

A trustworthy data exchange can only be achieved through transparency along the entire supply chain. The problem can be solved in using distributed collaboration using self-determined data: Instead of controlling the supply chain centrally, all partners act self-determined. In doing so, they document and share the details of all products and services they contribute.

This is how you use TRUST&TRACE to verify your product origin

With TRUST&TRACE, companies create their own, self-sovereign digital identity in which the data and proof of trust required for business relationships are stored.

By inviting business partners and suppliers, company data, certificates and transaction data can be exchanged and linked to jointly created products.

Each company retains full control and sovereignty over its own data. Instead of being dependent on central platforms, companies work networked and autonomously across all stages of the supply chain.

Based on a cooperative blockchain approach and digital certification, the problem of product origin can be solved, and administrative effort is minimized.